Places to visit in Chikhaldara

Chikhaldara is the famous Hill station in the Vidarbha region, located in the Amravati district, Maharashtra.
It is situated at an altitude of about 1,118 meters. There are many attractive places to visit in Chikhaldara like Devi Point, Panchabol Point, Bhim-Kund Point, Sunset Point, and many more. Many tourists attract there to see the beauty of nature.
This place is covered with huge mountain ranges around it. In the rainy season, this place looks more attractive and beautiful.
You have to visit this place once in your life. The best time to visit Chikhaldara hill station is the monsoon season. Also, you can visit in between June to January month.


How to reach Chikhaladara:-

It is about 100 kilometers from Amravati city and approximately 750 kilometers from Mumbai and Pune City.
There is no railway station or airport in Chikhaldara village. The nearest Railway station from Chikhaldara is Amravati Railway Station or a Badnera Junction. It is about 100 km from Chikhaldara village. and the nearest airport is Nagpur Airport. It is about 250 km from Chikhaldara. You have to go by an MSRTC bus or a private vehicle from Paratwada to Chikhaldara.


These are the Places to Visit in Chikhaldara:-


1)  Devi Point, Chikhaldara:-

Devi Point chikhaldara

Devi point is near shakkar lake. It is about 1.5 km from the Chikhaldara bus station. There is a temple of god inside a huge stone. The height of these stones is very short. you have to be careful about it. There is also a waterfall beside Devi temple. This water gets falling continuously inside the temple through stones.

Distance:- 1.5 km from City
Best Time To Visit:- Monsoons


2) Panchabol Point, Chikhaldara:-

Panchbol point is the most attractive place to visit in Chikhaldara. Which is about 4 km away from Bir lake in Chikhaladara. Panchbol point has 5 hills close to one another and it became a huge valley. If you shout once anything, you can hear the echo back 5 times. that’s why it’s called a Panchbol point.

Distance:-  4 km from City
Best Time To Visit:- Monsoons


3) Bhim-Kund, Kichakdara, Chikhaldara:-

Bhim-Kund Chikhaldara

Bhim-Kund is the most important place in mythology. It is also mentioned in Mahabharta. This is the place mentioned in Mahabharta where Bheema killed Keechaka and threw him into the valley. and then he baths in the nearby lake. Bhim-Kund is the topmost beautiful place in Chikhaldara. It is situated on the way of Chikhaldara from Paratwada. Bhim-Kund is nearly 3500 feet deep from the ground level.

Distance:-  10 km from City
Best Time To Visit:- Monsoons


4) Mozari Point, Chikhaldara:-

Mozari point is one of the best points in Chikhaldara. The best time to visit Mozari point is early morning or in the evening time, that’s mean the time of sunrise or sunset. Because of the deep valley, you will clearly see a sunrise or a sunset. The rainy season is the best season to visit Mozari point. You can also saw Satpura mountain ranges from this point.

Distance:-  0.8 km from City
Best Time To Visit:- Monsoons


5) Hurricane Point, Chikhaldara:-

Huriccun Point is one of the best points in Chikhaldara. it is an amazing place for a morning walk. These areas are covered with all foggy clouds in the rainy season.

Distance:-  1.7 km from City
Best Time To Visit:- Monsoons


6) Gawilgad fort, Chikhaldara:-

Gawilgarh fort Chikhaldara

Gawilgarh fort is situated in the Chikhaldara. This Gawilgarh fort is constructed in the 12th century by the Gawali king. It is made up of mud. In 1744, these forts is won by the Maratha empires. Later in 1803 after the second Anglo-Maratha war, this fort is in hand to the East India Company. Now, this fort is the attraction of many tourists. The greenery in this fort is just amazing.

Distance:-  2.5 km from City
Best Time To Visit:- Monsoons


7) Semadoh Lake, Chikhaldara:-

Semadoh Lake is the starting point of Melghat Tiger Reserve. It is about 26 Kilometers from Chikhaldara hill station. Many tourists get attracted to this point because of this beautiful lake.

Distance:-  26 km from City
Best Time To Visit:- Monsoons


8) Sunset Point, Chikhaldara:-

Sunset point Chikhaldara

sunset point is one of the peaceful points in Chikhaldara. It is about 10 kilometers from Chikhaldara village. This point is situated at Vairat hills. The best time to visit sunset points is either time of morning sunrise or evening sunset.

Distance:-  10 km from City
Best Time To Visit:- Monsoons

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)


1)  What are the top-visited places in Chikhaldara?
Ans:- The top-visited places in Chikhaldara are Panchabol point, Bhim-Kund point, Devi Point, Sunset Point, Melghat tiger reserve, Gawilgarh Fort.


2) Which is the best time to visit Chikhaldara?
Ans:- The best time to visit Chikhaldara is between June to December. During monsoon, this place becomes more beautiful than normal days.


3) Is Chikhaldara is a good place to visit?
Ans:- Chikhaldara is the famous and top-most hill station in the Vidarbha region. It has more than 10 points to visit. Chikhaldara has many beautiful places like small waterfalls, echo points, sunset points, and many more. it attracts many tourists to visit.



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